Here we go again

Hello, dear friends

Welcome to the third iteration of my personal site. My name is Francisco and I am a software developer. The purpose of this post is to reflect on the previous versions of the site. I hope to learn from my mistakes and to finally keep a consistent blog.

University of California Merced, hot, hot, hot graduation. - May 2011

Let me take you back to the year 2011. I had just graduated college and began looking for software development jobs. My first programming gig was doing web development in the Python programming language and using the Django framework. With the help of my trusty text editor and a lot of online help, I launched my first blog powered by Django and deployed using an nginx server.

My first computer setup as a full time software developer. 2010 15 inch Macbook Pro, 23 inch dell monitor, magic mouse, wrist pads.

Oh those were the days I tell you. I didn't need anything else besides some Earl Grey tea, Black Keys, and my beloved pair of portable headphones. I had only written a few posts about learning python. That summer I had shifted my focus on applying to a programming internship at IGN, called CodeFoo.

I remember having so much fun answering the challenging questions. After spending some time and care, I finally submitted my Github project. Below you can see an embarrassed, yet passionate young padawan explaining why he should be chosen to participate in the internship.

To keep the story short, yes, I was picked, and yes there was a lot of euphoric screaming and crying. I started another super short lived blog using IGN's social platform powered by WordPress. You can actually read some of my amazing writing here:

In 2014 I was hired full time at IGN as a Mobile Software Developer. Then I started the second life of my personal blog. I had deployed an Octopress v2.0 site to Heroku. I wrote a few posts about setting up development environments in Mac for Android, iOS and Django.

Finally we arrive to 2015. The third iteration. The Revenge of the Jedi.

This is it guys.